Jan. 22 Senior Center computer fair is open to the public

I was thinking about my computer the other day and how much owning it is like raising a child. Like children, that box sitting there on the floor takes a very large and complex support system to keep it active and healthy.

There is a special chair that keeps my back and neck from getting tired.
Special glasses are worn to reduce eye fatigue. My wrists rest on an ergonomically designed pad so I don't develop Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. There is a list of telephone numbers to call when technical service is required. When it or one of the peripherals needs an office visit there are addresses of repair people. Special ribbons are required for the printer along with special paper to print photographs. And don't forget there are computer classes to learn the intricacies of the computer and the Internet.

You probably are getting the point. You don't just "own" a computer. You are part of a much larger world of goods and services designed to keep you and your computer happy.

On Saturday, January 22nd, from 9 - 12 noon, the Tustin Area Senior Center is hosting a Computer Fair that is free to the public and is for adults of all ages. There will be members of this support world who will be available to display their products and discuss your needs. Some of the vendors you will meet are MicroCenter, Cox Cable, ACI, AT&T, Pacific Bell and others involved with computer systems in the Tustin area.

The object of the Computer Fair is to bring together in one place those organizations that can address the special needs of computer owners and discuss them in language that is understandable. It even is a place to meet other computer owners with similar needs, have a cup of coffee, and compare stories.

Owning a computer can be a bewildering experience. You can find yourself sliding down a slippery slope. What kind of printer should you buy? Do you need a scanner to send pictures to your kids? What kind of scanner? Do you put on games for your children or grandchildren? What games? How do you keep track of your investments? Should you connect to the Internet and how and with whom? Where do you find classes to help you with your computer experience? What books should you buy? You can see that the possibilities and questions are endless.

So come to The Fair, Saturday morning, January 22nd. There is no charge for entry and pre-registration is not required. Just come in and visit. It is being held at the Tustin Area Senior Center, 200 South "C" Street in Tustin, a central location with a large facility and ample parking to make your morning worthwhile.

If you have further questions, visit the web site, call 714-573-3340, or email me at Happy computing and see you there.

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