SWAN in Alamitos Bay, April 1, 2001

Don't let her size fool you.  The Flicka is a full keel, heavy, ocean going cruising sailboat.  I think I fell in love with a Flicka over 25 years ago and  always have wanted to own one.  Now Rosalie and I are retired and fortunately have the time to own and care for one.  We purchased "SWAN" on March 31, 2001, and currently have her in the water in the Alamitos Bay Marina in Long Beach, California.

I have had a number of years "rag sailing" experience as a member of a Newport Beach sailing club but have never owned a boat.  So this is a new experience.  I can't wait to get her seaworthy and head for Catalina.  I am a "single hander" and she's just the right size for me.

Learn more about this beautiful little cruiser by going to the Flicka Home page and see SWAN as she was lifted out of the water for her survey.

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