(c) Dr. Arthur Holub, May 1998

Have you ever had an epiphany?   I did the other day when I discovered something very new, maybe even earthshaking.   You've heard of CyberSpace and OuterSpace.  Well, I discovered, with the help of a friend, a new Space which I am calling PhraseSpace.  To us mathematicians, a Space is a hypothetical, boundryless area in which all particular things reside.  So, PhraseSpace is an area in which every and all possible phrases reside.  Now, of course, there could be separate Spaces, like EnglishSpace, for all English phrases, but we won't get this here.

What brought all this about was listening to my friend while he was in one of his "moods."  I began to think of phrases, like Churchill's "Never have so many owed so much to so few," or Shakespeare's "To be or not to be, that is the question."  These people had the unique ability to reach up into PhraseSpace and pull down those particular phrases which could move people's souls'.

Now, there also are people like my friend who have the unique ability to reach up into the same PhraseSpace and pull down that particular phrase which uniquely alienates a person.  My friend is not the Master of PhraseSpace by any means.  That title probably would go to Churchill or possible Shakespeare, or even Nixon ("I am not a crook"), who have moved millions.   But my friend might be considered a "SubMaster" of PhraseSpace for he has accomplished the feat of alienating at least tens or more of his acquaintances; this out of a much smaller "AcquaintanceSpace" than the others.

So, I am proposing that PhraseSpace be entered into the lexicon of our language to help define how people pick just the right things to say to either move or alienate others.

Further, I propose that my friend be given the first PhraseSpace "SubMaster" award for his unique ability to make use of that subset of PhraseSpace, possibly called "AlienationSpace", to alienate the highest percentage of persons in his personal "AcquaintanceSpace."

However, to those of us who still love my friend, it is "phrases as usual" and we just shrug it all off, for that's what friends are for.


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